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Chirpy & Owl

Once upon a time, there was a little bird named Chirpy. Chirpy was always in a hurry and didn't like to take the time to listen to others. One day, Chirpy was flying over a forest when he saw a wise old owl sitting on a tree branch. The owl was so still that Chirpy thought he was sleeping. Chirpy decided to play a trick on the owl and started to sing loudly and clap his wings. But the owl didn't move. Chirpy continued to sing and make noise, but still, the owl didn't move. Finally, Chirpy flew down to the branch to see if the owl was awake. The owl opened his eyes and said, "Hello, Chirpy. What brings you to see me today?" Chirpy was surprised that the owl had been awake the whole time and asked him how he could be so still. The owl replied, "In this forest, there is always something new to learn if we just stop and listen. I take the time to listen to the birds, the wind, and the trees. That's how I learn so much. You should try it sometime." Chirpy took the owl's advice and started to slow down and listen to the world around him. He learned so much and became a wise bird, just like the owl. This story teaches the importance of taking the time to listen and learn, and that wisdom comes from slowing down and paying attention to the world around us.

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