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How to Grow Healthy Hair with Yoga

Day 1: Asana To Improve Blood Circulation

Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog)

Physical Benefits: 1. Increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

2. Improves bone density.

3. Alleviates lower back pain and muscle tension.

4. Effective against common cold and improves sinus activity.

5. Induces a sense of calm.

Avoid in case of recent or Chronic injury to the Back, Hips, Arms or Shoulders and unmediated High Blood Pressure.

Day 2: Asana to Fight Constipation

Matsyasana (Fish Pose)

Physical Benefits:

  1. Fightsights constipation and other digestive issues.

  2. Improves respiratory functioning.

  3. Stretches deep hip flexors.

  4. Relieves tension from shoulders and neck.

Avoid in case of High or Low Blood Pressure, Head and Neck Injury.

Day 3: Asana to Reduce Fatigue

Uttanasana (Standing Forward Fold)

Physical Benefits:

  • Therapeutic for diseases like osteoporosis, asthma, infertility, and high blood pressure.

  • Stimulates the functioning of the kidney, liver and spleen.

  • Reduces fatigue and muscle tension.

  • Stimulates the digestive and reproductive system.

Avoid in case of Neck, Spinal or Hamstring Injury, Hernia and Pregnancy.

Day4: Asana to Balance your Hormones

Ustrasana (Camel pose)

Physical Benefits: 1. Stimulates the thyroid gland. 2. Improves metabolism and overall digestion. 3. Provides relief from menstrual problems. 4. Strengthens back and shoulders. 5. Improves posture.

Avoid in case of Low Back Injury, Neck Injury and High Blood Pressure.

Day 5: Asana to Relax your Mind and Body

Pawan Muktasana (Wind Relieving Pose)

Physical Benefits: 1. Relieves constipation, flatulence and indigestion. 2. Relieves back pain. 3. Therapeutic for reproductive issues such as impotency, infertility and menstrual problems. 4. Relaxes the mind.

Note: Avoid in case of Spinal or Abdominal surgery, Hernia, Pregnancy and Heart problems.

Practising these asanas is one way to get to the root cause and improve hair health, but if you're facing severe hair fall, yoga is not the only solution. You need a holistic approach and a customised solution that targets the root cause internally.

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